Changing My Page Settings

When you're logged in to My Page, you can change your settings. My Page settings are grouped into several categories:

Category Settings


  • Profile Image

  • Preferred Email


  • Password Change

Mail Rules

  • Rules

Vacation Notice

  • Notification Status

  • Vacation Begins and Ends

  • Email Subject

  • Vacation Message


  • Blog Name

  • Theme

  • Podcasting

  • iTunes Category

Blog Access

  • Public or Private

  • Comments

  • Comment Moderation

Password settings are available only if the server is configured to allow online password changing. Mail rules and vacation notice settings are available only if the server is configured to support server-side mail rules. The blog and blog access settings are available if you have a personal blog.

To change My Page settings:

  1. While viewing My Page, click "settings."

  2. Click a settings category on the left and then change settings as desired.

  3. Click Save.


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