Inserting and Editing Tables

Wiki pages and blog posts include an easy-to-use table editor.

To insert a table:

  1. While editing a page, position the insertion point where you'd like the table to appear.

    The table uses the full width of the wiki page. If you insert a table mid-paragraph, the text on either side of the insertion point is located in paragraphs above and below the table.

  2. Click the Insert Table (table) button.

  3. Edit the table using the table editor that appears.

To edit a table:

  1. While editing a page, click a table.

  2. In the table editor that appears, use the toolbar to change the table's size or structure, and edit text in the cells.

    The table editor includes the following options:

    Button Action


    Adds a row.


    Adds a column.


    Removes a row.


    Removes a column.


    Changes whether the top-most row is a header row.


    Changes whether the left-most column is a header column.

  3. Click OK.

To remove a table:

  1. While editing a page, click a table.

  2. Click "delete table."


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