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This project is a result of dialog and technology sharing between the CT ARES team, Western Massachusetts Section ARES, and EMA Section ARES amateur radio operators. The original concept was presented by W1MPN and KD1CY. Details of the project were developed over time and tested with members of the CT, WMA, and EMA ARES staff and general membership including N1HY, K1WMQ, K1EIC, N1FY, W1GMF, KB1EKN, W3EVE, N1BDA, WQ1O, N1UMJ, WK1H, N2YHK and others.


There are a variety of ways for you to stay in the loop on Connecticut ARES activities:

Technical Specifications

This project uses Qilan for JSP page production, Tomcat for the servlet/JSP container and Openbase for the backend database.

Web Application Author (Chief Geek): N1XTB, Application Version 63